Super Duplex Flanges

Benefits Of Super Duplex Flanges

Duplex alloys have been created to counter corrosion problems caused by cooling water containing chlorides and other aggressive chemical process fluids. They are known to be Duplex because of their mixed micro structure with about equal proportions of ferrite and austenite, duplex stainless steels are a family of grades whose corrosion performance varies depending on their alloy content. The term “Super-Duplex Flange” is used to indicate exceptionally alloyed, excessive-overall performance Duplex metallic with a pitting resistance equal of >40 (primarily based totally on Cr % + 3.3Mo % + 16N %). With an excessive stage of chromium, Super-Duplex metallic presents super resistance to acids, acid chlorides, caustic solutions, and different environments withinside the chemical/petrochemical, pulp, and paper industries.


Super Duplex flanges includes 25% chromium, 7% nickel, 3.6% molybdenum in addition to copper, tungsten, and nitrogen, they may be exceptionally alloyed metallic with excessive PREN to be used in competitive environments. The alloy includes round 40-50 percentage ferrite withinside the annealed condition. The exquisite duplex microstructure has excess electricity from ferritic grades while maintaining the corrosion resistance of austenitic grades.


It is not unusual to place to look Super Duplex Steel Flanges is used as a realistic method to chloride-brought about pressure cracking. It additionally has exquisite resistance towards pressure corrosion of sulfides in sulfur dioxide environments.


Advantages of Super Duplex Flanges

  1. High strength.
  2. High resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion.
  3. High resistance to stress corrosion cracking, corrosion fatigue, and erosion.
  4. Excellent resistance to chloride stress- corrosion cracking.
  5. High thermal conductivity.
  6. Excellent sulfide stress corrosion resistance.
  7. Low thermal expansion and higher heat conductivity than austenitic steels.
  8. Excellent workability and weldability.
  9. It has high energy absorption.

Applications of Super Duplex Flanges

  1. Heat exchangers, tubes, and pipes for the production and handling of gas and oil.
  2. High resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion.
  3. Mechanical and structural components.
  4. FGD systems for the energy industry.
  5. Hoses handling solutions containing chlorides.
  6. Utility and industrial systems, rotors, fans, shafts, and pressure rollers where high resistance to corrosion fatigue can be used.
  7. Cargo tanks, ships, piping, and welding consumables for chemical tankers.



Benefits Of Super Duplex Flanges

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