The Benefits of Duplex Steel Valves

Valve is a device or natural object that controls, directs or regulates the flow of liquid by opening, closing or partially obstructing the various passages. Duplex Steel Valves are steel valves that contain both the ferrite phase and the austenite phase in the microstructure. Duplex steels combine characteristics of the austenitic and ferritic family of alloys to offer benefits from both with fewer downsides — often at a lower cost than other steel alloys. The chemical composition and heat treatment process can make excellent toughness and weldability.

Duplex Steel Valves are further divided into two grades Duplex Steel UNS 31803 Valves and Duplex Steel UNS 32205 Valves Based on the above behavior, duplex steel has several benefits, the following will be defined in more detail.

Advantages of Duplex Steel Valves

Although Duplex Steel Valves comprise only a small percentage of the global market for stainless steel valves, it has a number of advantages compared to traditional austenitic stainless stainless steel valves and ferric stainless steel valves.

  • Improved Strength

Most duplex stainless steel grades have as much as twice strength than the austenitic and ferric grades of stainless steel.

  • High Toughness and Ductility

Duplex stainless steel valve is often more formable under pressure than ferrite grades and provides greater durability. Although they often have lower values than austenitic steels, the unique structure and characteristics of duplex steel valves usually outweigh any concerns.

  • High Corrosion Resistance

Based on the grade in question, duplex stainless steels valves offer comparable (or better) resistance to corrosion as common austenitic grades. For alloys with increased molybdenum, chromium, and nitrogen steels exhibit high resistance to both crevice corrosion and chloride pitting.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Duplex steel valves provide all of the above advantages while containing lower levels of molybdenum and nickel. This means that it is a lower cost alternative than many conventional austenitic grades of stainless steel. The cost of duplex steel valves is often less unstable than most other steel grades, making it simpler to predict prices— both at the upfront and at the lifetime level. Higher strength and resistance to corrosion also implies that many components made from duplex stainless can be thinner than their austenitic counterparts providing lower prices.

Best Uses for Duplex Steel Valves

Due to their outstanding resistance to corrosion, high strength, and affordable costs, duplex steel valves are popular in a variety of industries and markets, including:

  • Oil and gas exploration and nearshore operations such as oil drilling, water treatment, desalination, and other industrial operations
  • Chemical and liquid processing
  • Marine parts and equipment’s
  • Pollution control equipment
  • Pulp and paper manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Hot water and brewing tanks

The Benefits of Duplex Steel Valves

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