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Duplex Pipeline Solutions LLP was established in the year 2006 to supply top-quality duplex and super duplex products all over the world at reasonable prices. Over the years, company has been successfully providing quality duplex and super duplex steel products to buyers in both national and international markets.

Duplex steel stockist in India, these products are suitable for high chloride and acidic environments

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Our certified team of highly skilled engineers, metallurgists, and technicians remain available for customer assistance anytime. Our certified steel professionals possess the technical expertise to assist you in selecting the right duplex and super duplex grades for your applications. our knowledgeable experts readily provide guidance, answer your inquiries, and offer comprehensive support throughout your steel product lifecycle.

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  • Mr. Alpesh Shah is a renowned expert in the international exporting of duplex and super duplex products.
  • Through the guidance and support of Mr. Shah, Duplex Pipeline Solutions LLP has been able to deliver cast products to different countries seamlessly
  • We work closely with trusted steel shipping providers to ensure timely delivery and proper handling of steel products.
Stock & features Description
Material Type Duplex Steel and Super Duplex
Chemical Composition DSS & SDSS is a perfect combination of austenitic and ferritic stainless steels
Common Grades in Stock 2205, 2507
Corrosion Resistance Excellent corrosion resistance
Strength High strength products and toughness
Weldability Good weldability (also check list of recommended filler metals)
Temperature Range This material is suitable for use in high temperature applications (check the product pages to view the temperature range)
Applications Complete piping products stock available at Duplex Pipeline Solutions for water desalination plants, Oil and gas industry, chemical processing and marine sector etc.
Cost Duplex steel are more expensive compared to stainless steel, here are the approx price list Duplex 2205 price per kg in Mumbai: US $ 4 to US $ 11 Super Duplex 2507 price per kg in Mumbai: US $ 7 to US $ 36 Send us your inquiry to get the best quote within 2 hrs to info@duplexpipeline.com
Availability Widest stock available at Duplex Pipeline Solutions which includes flat, long, forged, and casted products, you can call us or connect us via WhatsApp to find your sizes quickly at +91 9004096535